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Why FreeMeals.ca?

As the only FreeMeals & Daily Deals site in your city, we want to help you propel your business by bringing hundreds if not thousands of customers to your doorstep.

FreeMeals.ca has lots
of unique features
which helped our
core sales grow by 30%.quotes

Maria Ferrero
Everest Sandwiches and Salads

We’re Different.

Not only do we have Featured Deals, we have our free Print & Present Deals and prized Loyalty-Rewards Program for restaurants.

Daily Deals:

We work with you to create a great, risk-free deal for a knock-down price that guarantees a minimum number of buyers to your business. What type of business? Keep reading!

Print & Present Deals:

Attract a large crowd of eager and excited locals by offering free discount coupons.

Rewards Program:

With our Rewards card, your customers accumulate points and look forward to their free meal – which will keep them coming back for more and more!

Meet with one of our representatives for more information:

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      Rewards Program
      Print & Present Deals

Business FAQs

  • What do I get out of being featured on the Daily Deals?

    Risk-free advertising
    You set the minimum number of buyers required to make your deal valid and we feature your product. If the minimum is reached, the deal is on and we get a commission on each voucher you sell. However, if not enough people buy in, the deal is off and you keep your money. We only win if you win.

    New business
    FreeMeals.ca provides huge exposure for your business; a great deal gets you hundreds or even thousands of new customers, and viral networking has significant benefits for your business.

    Loyal customers
    FreeMeals.ca takes loyalty seriously, so given that you provide a good service, customers will enjoy the experience and want to return frequently.

    Bulk business
    FreeMeals.ca is part group-buying site – our Daily Deals draw many people in looking to capitalize on your deal, and since we’ve set a minimum number of purchasers you’ll get a large eager crowd.

    Up-sell and cross sell potential
    We help you up-sell your other products by encouraging new and existing customers to try your new or slow-moving products or services.

    After a deal closes, we give you a check with all the vouchers sold on FreeMeals.ca minus a small commission fee for use of the platform.

  • How is FreeMeals.ca different from other group buying sites?

    We pride ourselves as the only website to have Daily Deals, free Print & Present Deals and offer Free Meals through our Rewards Program . The featured Daily Deals are often posted for more than the usual 24 hours, and all types of businesses may be featured. Our Print & Present Deals are also often posted for a longer term, as well as being completely free for customers. Our Rewards Program is our prized system to creating loyal customers by giving them free meals and rewards points; free for our members, and very beneficial for our participating Rewards Restaurants.

  • Will FreeMeals.ca work for my type of business?

    Despite our name, we feature all types of businesses. Some examples are health and beauty, restaurants, retail, activities, events and services.

  • What is the cost for featuring my business on FreeMeals.ca Daily Deals?

    We work with you to create a great deal. We'll provide risk-free and measurable marketing – and take a very reasonable commission per voucher you sell, given our powerful channel we provide for your product.

  • What are the advantages of becoming a Rewards Restaurant?

    Our powerful platform will benefit your business through loyal customers, increased menu prices, advertising, new clients, up-sell & cross-sell potential, etc. You will learn more about your customers, energize your sales promotions, reward and see your loyalty base increase. View our page here or let us explain by contacting us at 1-855-849-3393 or at business@freemeals.ca.

  • What kind of businesses can join the FreeMeals.ca Rewards Program?

    For the time being, the Loyalty Program is reserved for restaurants – these range from fine cuisine, casual joints, bars and cafés.

  • What does my business have to do as a Rewards restaurant?

    Your business just has to distribute the FreeMeals.ca Rewards card, which will be provided for free, and scan a customer’s card when they purchase from you. You may choose to update your menu on our state-of-the-art Smartphone application, (coming soon) but we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. That’s it – we take care of the rest!

  • Where do I get more info

    Just call 1 855 849 3393