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About Us

Launched in November 2011, FreeMeals.ca (or RepasGratuits.comfor our French members) is the official Free Meals & Daily Deals
website in Montreal QC, bringing our members amazing deals on
the stuff they love. The website is comprised of three parts: our
Daily Deals that feature all types of businesses, our Print &
Present Deals
that offer free coupons to our members, and finally
our Loyalty Program for restaurants. To top it off, accessing all
we have to offer has been made easier through our free application
for Smartphones (coming really soon!).

We wanted to create something different and something that
would please more than a select group of people. This is why we
put together a group-buying site, a free discount site and a
loyalty program all under the same roof. We search high and low
for undiscovered gems and businesses that will put a smile on
your face by offering you great deals or free meals.

What we want is a win-win-win situation. We want our FreeMeals
members to be happy, our local businesses to be happy, and by
default we'll be happy too because we'll have done our job. By
working together, this is made possible.

So no need to thank us – actually it's us who needs to thank YOU.
It is because of our curious and excited members that we're
always on the lookout for great new spots that everyone can enjoy!